A professional enterprise specializing in the cigar industry for 20 years

Kuiyi International has been rooted in the tobacco industry for 20 years, and has a team of tobacco industry elites from all over the world. Kuiyi International focuses on world tobacco brand management and marketing, while promoting domestic tobacco companies to connect with the world, and is committed to becoming a bridge between the domestic cigar industry and the international market.

The core business philosophy of the Kuiyi International is to become a representative company in China tobacco industry and to focus on the development of the tobacco industry in the world.

Since 2008, Kuiyi has actively engaged in international and domestic exchanges and developments in the cigar industry.
  • Domestic and International Industry Exchanges

    Kuiyi International is composed of a team of experienced cigar industry professionals who are familiar with the industry operations in premium cigar-producing countries such as Cuba, Dominica, Nicaragua, etc. We are committed to facilitating technical exchanges, as well as serving domestic and international cigar brands in their marketing and sales strategies.

  • Internationalized Customer Service Team

    Our customer service team comes from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China and is trilingual in Cantonese, English and Mandarin. Each customer service member is specialist that has been well-trained and has solid cigar knowledge and experience in handling customer relations.

  • Marketing Team

    The marketing team of Kuiyi International has a strong background of cigar expertise, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the international and Chinese markets, to develop marketing and promotions that best fit the product image.

  • Professional I.T. Team

    Our I.T. team has rich experience and efficiency in programming and proficient in multiple development languages. Thus, the team is able to design and develop projects and providing the best solutions quickly and flexibly according to the needs of our partners.

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Team

    We have a team of professionals to follow up on the supply chain, merchandise purchasing and logistics. Our buyers have outstanding business and market sense, and will select the best new brands from the international industry and ensure a stable supply. Besides, we have well-organized logistics system, the products can be delivered to the customers smoothly.

Specializes in the field of cigar industry

Cigar brands management

Raw materials trade

Cigar product design and development

Interaction between the cigar industry

Professional cigar media platform

Cigar industry report

Raw Materials Trade
  • International raw material procurement and trade
  • Tobacco trading in cooperation with China Tobacco and overseas tobacco growers and tobacco suppliers
Cigar product design and development
  • Design and development of cigar brands in cooperation with CHINA TOBACCO HUBEI INDUSTRIAL LLC.
  • Release Huanghelou 1916 International Edition cigars

Produced according to international standards and the spirit of professionalism. The cigar with 3 sizes is packaged in a modern design and combining fashionable taste. Body: Medium to full-bodied; Aromas: predominantly woody and floral flavors, complemented by a light sweetness and good overall balance.

Filler: Tobacco from Dominican Republic

Wrapper: Cuban variety with Brazilian grown tobacco leaves

Characteristics: Smooth draw, good combustion, white ash

Interaction in Cigar Industry
  • Participation in international cigar affairs
  • Knowledge of tobacco industry developments and trends
Outbound trip was productive

Overseas visits, in-depth discussions with a number of tobacco/cigar companies on raw materials and technical cooperation, and negotiations on international cooperation.

2017 Dominican Republic Trip: visited Villiger Tobacco, Instituto del Tabaco de la República Dominicana (INTABACO), La Aurora factory.

2017 Europe trip: visited Villiger Tobacco, Oettinger Davidoff Group, Nordic Tobacco Group pipe tobacco factory.

Kuiyi Enterprise Involved in Promoting Chinese Cigars
Cooperation with China National Tobacco Corporation (CNTC) to publish and distribute the Beijing Cigar Handbook

Kuiyi and CNTC jointly published the Beijing Cigar Handbook, the first encyclopedic book on cigar culture in China, which provides a standard of reference for the Chinese cigar industry.

Kuiyi is proactively involved in the cigar business in China and is committed to promoting cigar culture.
  • Many times lectured to representatives of the CNTC and the cigar industry
  • In 2016, Kuiyi provided cigar training courses for CNTC.